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We Shall Watch Thee... [entries|friends|calendar]
What does it matter? We are who we are.

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[27 Feb 2007|06:51pm]

"as of this morning, broke the World record for escaping from a
straitjacket while on stilts. The previous record was 98 or so
seconds. I beat it at 25.37 seconds. Lets see them capture us now!
It should all be online soon and I will post a link for you all to
check out."

but more importantly, Cameron's birthday's Tomorrow!
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[12 Mar 2006|12:38am]

one good way to keep your fans:

remember them from year to year ♥.

i think that made the whole show (and fire show) that much better.
and the shows were great to begin with.

Shelly's a good addition to the guys,
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update update update!!! [22 Nov 2005|03:26am]

Brandon Detty is no longet part of Bardic Wind...err...Barely Balanced? (was that the name i put in the last entry?)

oh well, anyways. He got married last month and is no longer going to be with the group.

Cameron and the other Brandon, accompanied by a new 3rd member (yet to be auditioned) will be coming to Florida to do the Ft. Lauderdale fest. and the Fort Myers fest. They'll also be doing some street work in Key West.

so guys, when are we going?!
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A New Name has been chosen! [14 Nov 2005|06:38pm]

The trio formerly known as Bardic Wind shall henceforth be known as "Barely Balanced"

i personally voted for Fire and Steel, but I believe that Barely Balanced is a wonderful name and they will wear it well.

thank you for your time.
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hello again all. [19 Oct 2005|05:07pm]


Bardic Wind's looking for a new name.
if you come up with anything, send it to them yourself, or leave it as a comment and I'll make sure they get it(and i'll credit you)

straight from Cameron's blogringpostthing


 "In other news, we want to again send out a challenge to all our fans.  We are looking to modify our name.  I would like to do this now while we are a new act.  Either we need a good tag line, a slight change up of the current name or a whole new name for the show.  What we want is something that captures the feel of our show.  The current name Bardic Wind sounds to much like a singing act (which is basically how we started) and way to subdued but now we need something acrobatic and dangerous.  So put on your thinking caps and send us an email. 

   To help get the ball rolling I'm going to list some words that I think describe the show.
Balance, acrobatics, tumbling, danger, stupidity, crazy, wild, bumbling, fumbling, flexible, strong, funny, comedy, loud, energetic and the list goes on.
   Some ideas I have heard that I liked, to give an example is: Head Over Heels and Topsy Turvy
   But nothing has jumped out as capturing the feel of the show or pleasing everyone in the group.  We want something short and eye catching.  It can include the current name or just be something fascinating you thought up. 
   Who ever wins this contest will get a free copy of our very first DVD, a pare of my cat ears and T-shirt (hopefully all coming out by spring)."
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Name Change? [23 Jul 2005|06:42pm]


Well, I'm not sure if any of you are in the yahoo webring forum thing that Bardic Wind has. If you arent, here's the latest letter because it might interest you.

the letterCollapse )

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Hello! [05 Jul 2005|04:13pm]

[ mood | silly ]

Hello Everybody! I said I would post after I saw Bardic Wind again...Well, I saw them at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire on Sunday; it was my birthday present to go. I went to all four of their shows; I met some fans from Colorado...It was really fun! During their 3rd show of the day, when they are doing The Chair, and Brandon Kamp makes reference to the 'terrible view' of Brandon Detty...well, Cameron took my camera (i was sitting in the front row) and gave it to Brandon Kamp and he took a picture of the 'terrible view' it was hilarious! I have posted some pictures of them on my yahoo pictures... http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/christiemarie16/album?.dir=305e&.src=ph&store=&prodid=&.done=http%3a//photos.yahoo.com/ph/christiemarie16/my_photos ...thats the link to the GLMF pics. Have fun viewing them!!

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Hello! [25 Jun 2005|08:23pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hello! How is everybody? I gotta question for everybody! Well, more like 2 questions...Where are you from, and where have you seen Bardic Wind? Me, I'm from Ohio and I've seen Bardic Wind at my high school (Benjamin Logan), Ravenwood Castle (x2), and my graduation party! (I have the BEST parents in the world!!!!) and I'm going to see them next week at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire! I'm glad I live in Ohio, it makes it easier to see this awesome trio! I'm just curious where all the fans are from! Peace! ~Christie Rockhold

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How I met a "hobbit-like acrobat" aka "fox-tail-dude" bka "Cameron" [25 Jun 2005|01:02am]


The very kind, (and new) memeber kiwi_juggler  pointed out that i forgot to write how i actually came across Bardic Wind in the first place and I thought it would be better if i shared my Bardic Wind experience in its own update, because it would be terrible to try to read it as a comment...and a few more posts in the community wont hurt it one bit ;-) in fact, we could use more *hint hint*

So you know how I got there:
This year I started highschool, finally, and the freshman class always goes to the Ren Fest. So we went. We(my friends and I) were standing behind a knife throwing booth while my friends tried to get Gabriel (a friend) to try it. 
I wasnt paying too much attention, and then these two guys walked up and jumped on the picnic table and said something about throwing knives on picnic tables or something like that...so I turned around and watched. (needless to say, i missed Gabriel throwing smaller knives)

Now for the real story:
I began watching their routine (I like to think i was the first to notcie them) it started w/ Brandon (K) telling us that Cameron was going to catch the knife with his crotch...most of the spectators were girls, and my class was most likely made up of the oldest ones there. By then, any of the girls who hadnt already realised that Cameron was gorgeous, were now noticing other things about him. Others, were happy for the excuse to look.
After the show, and watching some of their awesome tricks, i realised that they were the most entertaining thing there. (this was confirmed by walking around some more afterwards) It didnt help that it was a student day so there were minimal shows/shops open.

I spent most of our time there following them and watching their displays.

That was, until Cameron almost killed me...the first time. They were doing the trick where Cameron gets on Brandon's shoulders and they both juggle their knives. Cameron almost fell, dropping his knives every which way. I was lucky I had decided to lag back a bit, but it almost hit me and the kid standing next to me. Looking back, it was pretty funny, I sidestepped it easily. The kid jumped out of the way.

After that, my friend begged a cameraphone off of a classmate and i got to be in a picture w/ them.

When it was almost time to leave, Cameron had just put on his stilts. I was going to find my friends who were at the booth of this other scottish guy named Cameron (this is before i found out what BW's Cameron's name was) he almost fell on me. I think it was on purpose, but had i not backed up, i think he would've squashed my foot.

I was disappointed I had to leave. I didnt want to go. And I didnt even know anything about Baltic Wind.
 I felt unaccomplished.

But that was only day 1...

I knew I had to go back. There was no way around it. I couldnt have not gone back. But that, is yet another story. And Al gets back from Peru <s>tomorrow</s> later, so i should actually sleep tonight.


the story itself is x-posted to bardicwind

and, if you'd like to be a good person, you can post the way you met them in a new post (even if its a "well, we went to the RenFest, and my weird friend Simone was stalking these guys....") i'll love you forever for it?

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The WB??? [23 Jun 2005|05:23pm]


Well guys, as maintainer of this community i thought that i'd add a little something.

I was browsing the Bardic Wind site and I stumbled across a photograph that could only mean one thing...They were on The WB, and I missed it. :-/

well, here's the incriminating picture...enjoy?


this is what happens when youre unofficial...you end up missing important things because you dont hear about them...

but i honestly dont know when that picture was taken, so maybe it was before the community? Before the RenFest?

oh well, im not going to dwell on it.

No Worries. &hearts;

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long time... [03 Jun 2005|07:11pm]

[ mood | curious ]

just checking to see if anyone still reads this?

I'm not getting rid of it...just checking.
Say Hi?

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Pa lisson [04 Apr 2005|12:03am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

All the guys are in love with allison. And i know this for a fact... if a certain someone likes her too...i will hurt her, but not too badly cuz i like her too, sometimes.

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I dont believe I forgogt... [19 Mar 2005|10:53am]

[ mood | oops...i forgot ^_^ ]

Happy belated St. Patricks Day!!

Bardic Wind performed in Ohio..at a pub...

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Just so you all know... [14 Mar 2005|05:00pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Due to recent events, I feel obligated to give this following statement:

I am not obsessed, and I do not stalk people.

Okay? now let it be publically known that I am not a stalker or obsessed because I have made a few statements [jokingly] that if taken seriously would be a little much for anyone.

It is completely normal for people to think about things that make them happy. Bardic Wind makes me happy. Why? Because when I saw them I was happy. I had no stress, unlike now, so when I think of them, i assosiate them with having no worries. Now do you get it oh_my_its_blah ? Making one comment about them in normal conversation is not obsession.


Nor is it stalking.

I just have no life and think about things like that more often than those who have better things to do.


My infatuation with LOTR was not obsession either superchick811 okay?

Thank You all for taking the time to read this.

Please Comment.

{EDIT 5:08 March 14, 2005} I just read the comments from my last post. (the one about joining the Ren Fest) Now do u get my point, 2 dif. people told me 2 dif. things that both were in my entry, and I didnt even notice till now see? http://www.livejournal.com/community/cameron_dos/3497.html
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HAHa...and away dances me...as i await my 18th birthday. [08 Mar 2005|09:57pm]

[ mood | cheerful...mood swing? ]

I Am SOOOOO here:

acting and the RenFest...all in one!

Join the Performing Cast!


Auditions for performing cast members will be held Saturday, June 4 and Saturday, June 11 at the grounds of the Ohio Renaissance Festival. The festival is looking for men and women 18 years and older to perform as street characters, stage combatants, singers, dancers and musicians. Experience is a plus, but not necessary, as workshops will be offered for all categories during rehersals running weekends June 25 through August 21.

Registration begins at 10am and must be completed by 11am. Audition begins promptly at 11am and continues until done.

  • Bring resume and headshot if possible
  • Dress to move around outdoors
  • Bring your lunch
  • Come prepared to have fun

Work with professionals to sharpen your skills and increase your performance knowledge while having fun and meeting new people.

Follow the directions to the Festival's entrance and follow the signs to the audition!

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Hmmm...I have some bad news. [08 Mar 2005|09:52pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Well..not too bad. Its almost official, now we have one more weekend, or we're gonna have to wait another year until Bardic Wind will be seeable...that is, assusming that they come back. Which they must, otherwise their groupies (or at least I) will revolt and kidnap them. Haha...jk. I wish.

Now If i lived in ohio, I could go see them perform on St. Patricks day...I wish I could. Anyone want to go to Ohio w/ me?


Im tired of Miami guys...
at least the ones I know...
anyone know any guys that they'd like to introduce me to?

Anyone up for the RenFest next weekend? Anyone at all??

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[05 Mar 2005|05:43pm]

I don't usually listen to ska and all and I've only heard 2 of their awesome songs but PLEASE!:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com http://battle.ernieball.com/battlebak/bb9/bands/themoonpies/

@*@&%#^@$#^$*#$%^!!!!!! Listen to their song once a day, if you bookmark it, listen and watch them reach #1 I'll give you not one, but TWO cookies!!!!!

Please place the pic thingie in your LJ and communities you belong to and please pass the word along that THE MOONPIES FRICKIN ROCK!!! And if y'alldon't know who they really are, go to their website www.moonpieska.com !

Tell all your friends, yo.
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sorry....!!! [21 Feb 2005|09:14pm]


PERDIDOS (we filmed this the day after the ren fest.)

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[21 Feb 2005|08:34pm]

::steps up to wooden podium::

hi im rachel and i have a problem

my best friend made a whole lj community cuz she's obsessed w/ a ren fest guy

::realizes how stupid i sound, and run off posium screaming::

yes this a a real dream i had, simmi i am under teh influence

uh, im watchin 7th heaven, and umm... oh yea remmeber taht ice breakers liquid ice commercial w/ jess and ashlee simpson?? now hilary duff and her sis have a commercial 2
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[21 Feb 2005|01:30am]

[ mood | i can't sleep!!! ]

give cameron more *BEER*

Get jugs of your own

now for giving cameron beer i want snaps!!!!

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